Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hello World

Coding from the Midwest is my blog for anything programming related that I find that I would like to archive to a common web address. This site is going to include links, how-tos, articles, code snippets, and whatever else I feel like keeping around in a permanent manner.

Ok, so you might have noticed on the right side of this blog that I am currently living in Alabama, which is unversially decried as not midwest. My living is here is now a temporary state. Hence, the title of this blog is all about forward thinking in the design phase:)

About Me: (I know no one cares, but hey, posts like this are as required as the ubiquitous "Hello World!" programs) I've been coding computers since I was 12 or so (~1990). I started on an original IBM PC and taught myself to code BASIC via a computer printout of the source to my grandfather's custom business tracking software.

I received my BS in Computer Science from Michigan State University in 2000. I've written major applications in C++, Visual Basic 6.0, and C# and I have written code for devices ranging from embedded systems to 32-way servers. Recently, I have focused heavily on .NET development. Don't be surprised if this blog is really a .NET blog in the future.


Blogger Dennis Baron said...


I am looking for a hi-res photo of an ibm 5150 to use in a book i'm writing about technology that will be published next year by Oxford UPress. I'd like to use the image you have here, with your permission. If you have a higher resolution photo (300 dpi) I'd love to have it. Please let me know if you approve, and if you have a photo you could send me. Dennis (debaron@illinois.edu)

7:05 AM  

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